Cleaning of air ducts in commercial kitchens

Hygiene and fire hazards

The extractors of commercial kitchen are a continuous source of problems for canteens and restaurants. They inevitably accumulate grease. For one this is a problem from a hygiene point of view. But most notably these contaminations are a fire hazard, that is often forgotten due to its invisibility.

Responsible-minded head chefs care for the regular maintenance of the extractors. But how do you clean an extractor, whose inner duct surface can not be reached with conventional dry ice blasting equipment?

The Danduct Clean Ice Robot cleans exhaust pipes efficiently and reliably.

Duct cleansing with the Danduct Clean Ice Robot

At this point White Lion offers an innovative solution in cooperation with Danduct Clean. The Danduct Clean Ice Robot is a small, remote controlled robot vessel that can traverse and clean air ducts easily. A rotating round nozzle blasts dry ice onto every part of the inner duct surface. Even persisting contaminations simply flake off. A camera enables the inspection of the cleansing performance.

The Danduct Clean Ice Robot is the perfect addition for a White Lion dry ice blasting device. With it the power of dry ice reaches even the deepest ducts: An important competitive advantage in the cleaning sector.