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Deburring with dry ice blasting procedure

Efficient, economic, superior

In order to meet growing demands on surface quality, many companies in the plastics and metal industry face unprecedented challenges. The standard methods of deburring are therefore also put to the test.

White Lion provides with its dry ice blasting systems deburring solutions which surpasses all alternatives in some particular cases. If abrasive particles get stuck in crevices and edges during manual grinding or manual tools do not reach the ridges, the dry ice blasting can lead to astonishing results.

During the dry ice procedure the workpiece is bombarded wir dry ice pellets, which sublime immediately at impact. Only the removed burr remains – no
abrasive materials, no chemical agents. The process works with pur thermal and kinetic force of highly accelerated dry ice.

It is also an non-abrasive process, there is no risk of undesirable change in the surface finish. Especially where the surface quality plays an important role – e.g. in the interior furnishing of cars – the dry ice blasting process convinces.

An additional acceleration of the process results from the automation solutions from White Lion. The dry ice blasting process is carried out by a robot who treats the workpieces with consistently high precision. This results in speed gains and higher profitability.

Whether and how the dry ice blasting process can help with deburring, we will find out together. A personal consultation provides the basis for an informed decision.