The benefits of manufacturing your own dry ice

If you need dry ice in large quantities in the short term or on a regular basis, having the ability to produce your own dry ice makes sense. With your own dry ice machine, you can ensure the supply of high-quality dry ice – at the right time, in the right place, and in amount you need.

The transportation of dry ice over long distances inevitably leads to sublimation losses. During storage and transport, dry ice not only loses weight, its quality also progressively deteriorates as a result of condensation from ambient humidity and icing of the surface. By contrast, liquid CO2 for on-site production can be stored without loss. 
For certain dry ice applications, such as for example dry ice blasting, the quality of the dry ice to a large extent determines the success of the application.

The manufacturing process for dry ice

In practice, the production of dry ice takes place through the decompression of liquid CO2 from a suitable tank with a pressure of about 17 bar to atmospheric pressure. In this process, the liquefied CO2 is injected into a mould or antechamber. The dry ice snow produced in this manner is then pressed with a hydraulic press into dry ice in the form of pellets or blocks of different dimensions.

The CO2 gas produced during the manufacture of dry ice can be again liquefied with a CO2 recovery system if necessary.

Pelletizer White Lion Antarctica 130

The machine “White Lion Antarctica 130” is a press for the production of dry ice pellets. With different dies the size of the pellets can be varied between 3, 10 and 16 mm. The output is ca. 120 kg/h with pellets with a width of 3 mm.

Electrical data:

  • Power Supply: 400 V 3 ph, Connector 16 A CEE
  • Power line frequency: 50 Hz
  • Control voltage: 24 V DC
  • Power consumption: 5 kW

Mechanical data:

  • Weight: ca. 300 kg (without packaging)
  • Dimensions (L x T x H): ca. 1320 mm × 700 mm × 1440 mm
  • Raw material: CO2 – liquid
  • Input pressure: 15 bar(g) – 21 bar(g)
  • Output: ca. 130 kg/h with 3 mm Pellets
  • Hydraulic oil: ca. 44 l


  • Recommended range of temperature: 15 °C – 35 °C
  • Recommended relative humidity of the air: 40% – 80%
The White Lion Grey Box is ideal for transporting dry ice.

Transport your dry ice safely and freezing cold

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