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With awareness of dry ice blasting technology increasing, new applications for this fascinating cleaning technique are being found every day. And everyone who wants to use a dry ice blasting machine economically should know about the variety of use cases. Here you will find a list of the industries and manufacturing processes in which dry ice blasting has established itself to date.

You are not sure, if dry ice blasting is the right solution for your specific task? Please ask us about it – with its many years of experience, the White Lion team can help you with your specific requirements.



Plastics an metal burrs can be removed with the dry ice blasting process with high efficiency. Also where hand-held tools are no longer helpful.

Tank cleaning

Tank cleaning

The cleaning of the tank with the dry ice blasting process is free of waste water and therefore much more environmentally friendly than conventional methods.

Power plant cleaning

Power plant cleaning

Air cool condensors, air preheaters and electrical systems can also be easily cleaned with the dry ice blasting process, such as rubbish bins, pigeons and other conveying systems.

Canteen kitchen

Canteen kitchen

White Lion offers special equipment for hoods in large kitchens, which can be used to clean the entire extraction system up to the last angle.



Cleaning of core storage boxes, moulds and models is a comfortable and fast process with the dry ice blasting process. Scaling can be removed conveniently.

Military equipment

Maintanance / Cleaning of military equipment

Tank plants

Rust removal and cleaning of tank plants and tank containers: interior and exterior

Waste-to-energy plants

Cleaning of waste-to-energy plants: technology and recooling systems

Beverage industry

Cleaning of conveyor belts used in beverage industries

Military vehicles

Cleaning and maintenance of military vehicles

Food conveyor belts

Cleaning of conveyor belts in the food industry, e.g. baking lines

Building refurbishment

Refurbishment of buildings after water or fire damage

Air conditioning and refrigeration systems

Cleaning of air conditioning, refrigeration and recooling systems

Printing machines

Cleaning of offset printing machines

Ship engineering

Cleaning of diesel engines and aggregates


Cleaning of turbines using the dry ice blasting procedure

Paper machines

Cleaning of paper machines


Cleaning of generators using the dry ice blasting process

Printing machines

Cleaning of printing machines and assemblies, e.g. grippers

Printing machines

Cleaning of printing machines

Print processing

Cleaning of print processing units

Vintage cars

Refurbishment of vintage cars, removal of bitumen and adhesives


Diverse cleanings of airplanes, especially in the interior

Wind turbine systems

Cleaning of wind turbine systems: moulds and technology

Production of metal foil

Cleaning in the production of metal foil: Metal and packaging industry / tin printing

Removal of color pigments

Removal and cleaning of color pigments during the production

Shipbuilding industry

Cleaning and pretreatment for varnishing in the shipbuilding industry

Production moulds

Cleaning of tyre moulds using the dry ice or laser beam cleaning method

Wire cables

Cleaning of steel cables and tow ropes

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