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Often there is no more use for the dry ice blasting technology than once a year. In this case it is reasonable to draw on our services. We offer our cleaning services with the dry ice blasting procedure to all of our European customers. Our team has made yearlong experience in different branches and cleans your surfaces timesaving and professional.

With our fleet of team vehicles, we can deploy our dry ice blasting equipment on site.

A comprehensive consultation and an inspection on-site provide the foundation for an exact calculation of the costs and ensure planning certainty for a dry ice cleaning with our dry ice blasting machines. Together we find the ideal solution for your task.

In the minority of cases the cleaning service of White Lion WORKS require the disassembly of your machine park. With our dry ice blasting devices we reach even the most inaccessible spots of your manufacturing plant and clean them efficiently. This enormously reduces the downtime.

Ask for a professional dry ice cleaning in your company!

The modern downtime solution with White Lion WORKS

With increasing requirements companies face growing planning tasks. The possibility of gaining efficiency is often not fully exploited.

In this case it is not inevitably necessary to carry out complex trial work or to adjust additional work forces. Even with little effort the downtime can be optimized by collecting data as foundation for the preliminary planning works. In order to keep track of raw materials and supplies, manpower requirements and time of individual tasks, many companies already rely on Excel tables and similar manual solutions. In this process not only responsibilities remain unresolved. Also the data are rarely disclosed to all participants.

By using special database solutions it is possible to collect all data centrally, make it accessible to all participants and assign responsibilities. This information basis for planning works offers new possibilities for resource planning.

To keep track of the upcoming tasks is a precondition. Not rarely damages and wear are hidden under a thick dirt layer. Dry ice cleaning remains the most suitable solution for cleaning work in the manufacturing industry, such as paper, food, plastic and metal production. This ultra-modern process allows the cleaning of a wide range of contaminations without damaging the surface. Cleaning with dry ice blasting systems is contactless. Even cleaning during operation process is possible depending on the production plant. Already during the planning phase damages and wear which are otherwise only visible during standstill, can be considered.

The contaminations of your production plants is no longer your concern with the White Lion WORKS Team. With its high requirements White Lion is familiar with the reliabililty of all participants. We would be pleased to cooperate with you when it comes to the process, the quantification and the validation of the standstill work. All in the awareness of the importance of efficient standstill.

Your partner for modern standstill cleaning is White Lion. Let us advice you!


Typical industries we offer our services for are listed here.

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Dry ice cleaning is used in countless branches of industry.

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