Dry ice blasting machine WL 1500 Competition

The compact solution for dry ice cleaning

The WL 1500 Competition dry ice blasting unit is a very compact solution for cleaning surfaces and removing impurities using the dry ice blasting method.
This small and impressively powerful machine is characterized by professional features with outstanding cleaning performance. The technical features include a pressure reducer and continuously variable digital pellet settings from 20 to 80 kg/h.
These features make the WL 1500 Competition very flexible in terms of its possible applications.
Like all White Lion products, our WL 1500 Competition dry ice blasting unit was developed for robust continuous use. Made in Germany!

The highlights

  • Internal compressed air pressure adjustment from 1 – 10 bar
  • Dry ice pellet delivery volume continuously variable from 20 – 80 kg/h
  • Digital display showing the dry ice pellet transport volume
  • Emergency stop function with red LED signal lamp
  • Acid resistant wheels with roller bearing

Typical industry applications:

  • Services
  • Tyre factories
  • Aluminium and iron foundries
  • Automotive design

Techncal details

General data:

  • Name: White Lion WL 1500 Competition
  • Blasting system: single-hose system
  • Blasting medium: dry ice pellets – 3 mm Durchmesser
  • Dry ice consumption: 20 – 80 kg/h – continuously variable
  • Dry ice hopper capacity: 15 kg (isolated and electrovibrating)
  • Blasting hose ¾” available in different lengths: 5 m, 7.5 m or 10 m (standard delivery 7.5 m)
  • Compressed air hose 1” available in different lengths: 5 m, 7.5 m, 10 m or 20 m (standard delivery 10 m)
  • Made in Germany
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 530 mm x 550 mm x 700 mm
  • Weight: 75 kg

Compressed air data:

  • Air consumption: 1 – 10 m3/min (depending on application)
  • Application pressure: 1 – 10bar
  • Permissible operating pressure: up to 10 bar
  • Optimum air quality in accordance with ISO 8573-1 standard: Class 3: Oil-free and dust-free

Electrical data:

  • Power connection: 230 V / 50 Hz – other voltages available on request
  • Electrical power: 700 W


Included in the delivery:

  • Gun with universal high speed nozzle
  • Blasting hose 7.5 m
  • Compressed air hose 10 m with MODY claw couplings
  • 10 m power cable with two-pin earthed plug – CEE 7/4

Recommended accessories:

Trockeneisstrahlgerät WL 1500 Trockeneisstrahlgerät 1500 WL 1500

Repair & service

To develop and manufacture sophisticated and reliable dry ice blasting equipment is one thing – but to maintain it is quite another.
Good maintenance of a dry ice blasting system often makes the decisive contribution to continued success in its application.

Who doesn’t know that a failure is always inconvenient, and usually unexpected. Our technicians ensure the highest levels of safety and reliability for our dry ice blasting systems. Maintenance contracts provide regular reminders when servicing is due – so your dry ice blasting systems are always up to date and ready for use.

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