Dry Ice Blasting System WL Cube

The White Lion CUBE a veritable cool multi-talent

The White Lion Cube is really a cube. Its dimensions 45×45×45 cm with a weight of about 45kg live up to its name.
A completely new development is the integrated dry ice mill work, a kind of mill, which crushes the required 3mm dry ice pellets continously to the desired dimension. The dry ice micro particles are formed that way. These fine C02 micro ice particles allow at the same time a gentle and effective cleaning of moldings or tools.

These microparticles permit a special access to surfaces and materials that are not attainable with traditional dry ice blasting.

The application areas of the White Lion Cube include plastics, injection molding, laboratories, technology developments but also a cushion (train, bus or vehicle) or cockpit cleaning is ideal for this compact dry ice blasting unit. Find further innovative application options in the menu item Application Areas.

The cube can be used from an airflow of 0.5m3 per min. Airflow and an air pressure of 0.5 bar produce amazing cleaning results.
Its four 5 mm compressed air connections are highlights. Enough volume flow (on the part of the customer) provides a faster tool processing. Therewith its performance is comparable to a 3/4 “dry ice blasting system, such as our WL 1500 Competition.

The approved useful glass lid, which is used in all White Lion dry ice blasting systems, can also be found in the White Lion Cube. That way you can easily see the amount of dry ice. The hopper is made of stainless steel and has a high-quality insulation.

Stay mobile and comfortable in your production on the way. As an accessory, there are two different sized cube trolleys with space for a 30kg or 15kg dry ice box as well as industry-specific tools. Further accessories can be found in the menu item Accessories.

The Highlights

  • Quick nozzle replacement without tools
  • Internal compressed air pressure adjustment from 0,5 – 10 bar
  • Dry ice pellet delivery volume continuously variable from 0 – 60 kg / h
  • Continuously adjustable grain size, smaller than 3mm dry ice pellets
  • Electronic ice-mill control
  • Compressed air and jet pressure manometer
  • Filling container with glass lid
  • Compact cubic construction
  • Blasting gun with integrated LED

Technical Details

General data:

  • Name: White Lion Cube dry ice blasting unit
  • Blasting system: single hose system
  • Blasting medium: dry ice pellets up to 3 mm in diameter
  • Dry ice consumption: 0-60 kg / h (continuously variable)
  • Dry ice hopper capacity: approx. 10 kg (isolated and electrovibrating)
  • Blasting hose ½ “available in different lengths: 1.5 m, 2.5 m, 5m
  • Compressed air hose DN12
  • Compressed air supply 1× 2,5m quick coupling 4mm, connection capabillity for 3X quick coupling
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 480 mm × 480 mm × 480 mm
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Manufacterd in Germany

Compressed air data:

  • Air consumption: 0.2 – 3.3 m3 / min (depending on the nozzle)
  • Application pressure: 0.5 – 10 bar
  • Permissible operating pressure: up to 10 bar
  • Optimum air quality in accordance with ISO standard 8573-1: Class 3: Oil-free and largely dry

Electrical data:

  • Power connection: 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz (other voltages avaiable on request)
  • Electrical power: 500 W


Included in the delivery:

  • Gun with integrated LED lighting with 5mm round nozzle
  • Hose package, heat resistant up to 700 degrees, 2.5 m
  • Compressed air hose 2,5m, quick coupling 4mm
  • 5 m power cable with Schuko plug

Recommended accessories:

  • Flat nozzle S
  • Round nozzle 3mm
  • Round nozzle 6mm
  • Lower frame Tower S with hose holder and space for a dry ice box 353 × 353 × 305 mm with a filling volume of 12,5 l
  • Lower frame Tower XL with hose holder and space for a dry ice box 610 × 385 × 355 mm with a filling volume of 36 l
WL Cube Trockeneisstrahlgerät 01WL Cube Trockeneisstrahlgerät 02WL Cube Trockeneisstrahlgerät 03WL Cube Trockeneisstrahlgerät 04WL Cube Trockeneisstrahlgerät 05WL Cube Trockeneisstrahlgerät 06

Repair & service

To develop and manufacture sophisticated and reliable dry ice blasting equipment is one thing – but to maintain it is quite another.
Good maintenance of a dry ice blasting system often makes the decisive contribution to continued success in its application.

Who doesn’t know that a failure is always inconvenient, and usually unexpected. Our technicians ensure the highest levels of safety and reliability for our dry ice blasting systems. Maintenance contracts provide regular reminders when servicing is due – so your dry ice blasting systems are always up to date and ready for use.

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