Dry ice blasting process

The function principle

The White Lion dry ice blasting machines accelerate dry ice pellets to about 1000 km/h (ca. speed of sound) and blast them onto the workpiece that has to be cleaned. The following physical factors are essential for the effect of the procedure.

Dry ice blasting procedure 01

The thermal effect: the punctual supercooling

The dry ice pellets hitting the component cause a sudden punctual supercooling of the coating or soiling that has to be removed. Due to the different thermal expansion coefficients of the soiling and the workpiece thermal tensions emerge between the two layers. They cause the crucial development of micro ruptures in the soiling layer. The soiling embrittles and downright flakes off.

The higher the difference of the expansion coefficients, the higher the ablation rate and therefore the profitability of the dry ice cleaning as a whole.

The kinetic effect: The offsplitting of the coating / soiling

The high kinetic energy of the dry ice pellets do not just lead to their deformation and crushing at the impact on the workpiece, but also to micro ruptures in the soiling layer. The small dry ice particles penetrate deep into the ruptures and subvert the material layer that has to be removed.

Dry ice blasting procedure 2
Dry ice blasting procedure 3

The phase transformation effect – The sublimation

The dry ice particles, that entered the ruptures now suddenly sublime (transition from solid to gas phase). By the increase in volume a 700- to 1000-fold the layer that has to be removed gets seperated from the workpiece. The dry ice blasting medium is now gaseous.

The result: a cleaned, undamaged surface

Unlike traditional blasting techniques the dry ice blasting procedure is a non-abrasive procedure. This means, that

Im Gegensatz zu traditionellen Strahltechniken ist das Trockeneis-Strahlverfahren ein nicht-abrasives Verfahren. This means, that no wear emerges on the workpiece. The surface feels like its new.

Dry ice blasting procedure 4
Trockeneispellets Trockenisshop White Lion

Physical properties of the dry ice pellets

Specific weight of the pellets

Spezifisches Gewicht der Pellets: 1,56 g/cm3
Hardness: ca. 2 Mohs
Grain size: 3 mm
Achievable roughness depth: no surface roughening

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