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White Lion Trockeneis Reinigung Oberflächen

The time is now!

High-level cleaning is indispensable in a global networked world which is turning faster and faster.
Cleanliness creates security in every way and clean is not always clean, the requirements could’nt be more different.
Whether in public life, in industry or in production – it is obvious that clean surfaces mean a financial expense, but create security at the same time .
You should not underestimate safety here – in public transport up to more effective production.
We know that nothing is more expensive than an unintentional shutdown of ae national economy, a concern or a manufactory.
At this point, the dry ice blasting process often offers the best alternative possibility for an effective, environmentally friendly and economical cleaning.
Dry ice is the basis and the blasting material for our dry ice blasting devices. Compressed air and dry ice generate the dry ice projection with a cold of 79 degrees minus.
This is what makes cleaning with dry ice so effective.
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Competence Center White Lion

We have moved!

On January 07, 2019, the White Lion Team moved into the new Competence Center.
We will be pleased to welcome our customers and business partners in a pleasant, modern atmosphere.

Get to know us and our dry ice blasting systems, we are looking forward to your visit!
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Milestone set

On the 5th of December the time had come. Shortly before St Nicholas’ Day a really great gift came for White Lion.
Two crane trucks were used to lift a 30 tonne CO2 tank for White Lion dry ice production over the new headquarters.
It can be safely refueled from the street around the clock via a filling line, making complicated access to the property unnecessary.

Once again, the White Lion team has achieved a milestone – it is planned to move in during the first two weeks of the new year.

CO2 Tank White Lion 1
WL Black Box

The ideal solution for the safe transportation of dry ice and storage of dry ice

Our White Lion Black Box offers an optimal solution for the transport of dry ice and for safe storage of temperature-sensitive goods if you want to transport your dry ice well cooled.

The storage life of dry ice depends on several factors. With our dry ice container you can maximally minimize the loss of dry ice by sublimation.
The Styrobox is made of expanded polypropylene and is characterized by a high insulation value, so you can keep dry ice in any form fresh, whether as pellets, nuggets or block. The quality of the dry ice has a significant effect on the cleaning result, fresh means at the same time a better and faster cleaning.

This dry ice transport box is suitable for hand pallet truck and stacker and with a capacity of 125 liters it is the ideal basic equipment to bring your dry ice comfortable to its destination.

Further information about our XXL thermo container can be found here.

White Lion Loft

White Loft

White Lion expands with cool innovations

2017 White Lion builds a competence center with a total area of 600 square meters. A show room will soon be available, where we can show you the power of our dry ice blasting machines live.

In the new modern office space, we can advise you in a comfortable atmosphere and find the best solution for your task together.

The completion is scheduled for autumn 2018.

Follow our blog – White Lion keeps you up to date.

White Lion – The dry ice innovators


Transport your dry ice comfortably

The White Lion Grey Box series is the addition to our Black Box series

Our White Lion Grey Box Series consists of high-quality thermoboxes with different capacities of 150 l, 300 l and 500 l. They are excellent for transporting dry ice or reefer cargo, e.g. food.
The boxes are characterized by a high-quality production process – the thermal boxes are made in one piece from polyethylene in order to achieve a high K value. The high K value is due to a large-pore PU foam inside the Grey Box. The silicone seals are removable and easy to maintain and clean.

The various sizes from 150 to 500 l allow the transport of different dry ice volumes of dry ice pellets, dry ice nuggets or dry ice blocks. The boxes are extremely hygienic and convinces with its longevity. They are equipped with high-quality metal hinges made of stainless steel and can be ordered with fixed feet or on wheels. Two of the wheels have safety brakes.

Good to know

The quality of the dry ice is relevant for the cleaning success with dry ice blasting. For dry ice blasting it is important to use always fresh dry ice because the cleaning results are better and the cleaning process is faster.

White Lion Erwatzteile und Zubehör ist kompatibel zu IceTech

White Lion

Advanced Dry Ice Blasting Equipment and more

White Lion is a developer and manufacturer of high-quality German dry ice blasting and dry ice cleaning systems. Our industrial know-how entails over fifteen years of competence and expertise. We are a dynamic and progressive enterprise, committed to offering our customers the very best service available. Both our client-oriented methods and innovative cleaning processes help us achieve this all-important goal. Working closely together with our business partners, we at White Lion can assess the results of a dry ice cleaning procedure and find optimal, tailor-made solutions. Custom-built dry ice units and new product developments are a specialism of our experienced team.

All relevant White Lion spare parts are and will be compatible to IceTech devices and equipment. This includes:

  • blasting guns
  • transmission units
  • nozzle systems
  • dosing units
  • hoses and hose assembly
  • electronics
  • motors and engines
  • filling containers and vibrators.

In terms of the future, White Lion welcomes the opportunity of cooperating with your establishment. Indeed, we look forward to a long and successful partnership with you.