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Dry ice cleaning

White Lion Trockenstrahlverfahren

Dry ice blasting procedure

The function principle

The White Lion dry ice blasting machines accelerate dry ice pellets to about 1000 km/h (ca. speed of sound) and blast them onto the workpiece to be cleaned. The following physical factors are essential for the effect of the procedure.

Trockeneisreinigung in der Industrie


With awareness of dry ice blasting technology increasing, new applications for this fascinating cleaning technique are being found every day. And everyone who wants to use a dry ice blasting machine economically should know about the variety of use cases. Here you will find a list of the industries and manufacturing processes in which dry ice blasting has established itself to date.

You are not sure, if dry ice blasting is the right solution for your specific task? Please ask us about it – with its many years of experience, the White Lion team can help you with your specific requirements.

White Lion Trockeneisreinigung

Before - After

Dry ice cleaning with the dry ice blasting machines of White Lion really cleans up! Here you see various examples, that show, how powerful dry ice blasting really is. And best of all: Dry ice blasting can be deployed in the most different situations. Please look up, in which industries our devices are already successfully used.

Robotertechnik Trockeneisstrahlgerät Automatisierter Prozess

Automated dry ice blasting

Absolutely in line with the trend

Continuously clean surfaces play an important role in any manufacturing industry, especially the automotive industry. Simply being clean is not nearly clean enough. Nowadays, the demands made on surface quality before finishing are many and diverse: the surface must be fat-free, without fingerprints and with no micro-particles before it can be coated.

Entgratung von Aluminium durch Trockeneisstrahltechnik

Dry ice deburring

Versatile and forward-looking

The standards of quality expected by many manufacturers are growing continuously alongside their innovative developments. Today, dry ice blasting systems and techniques are finding versatile applications in sectors as diverse as microtechnology and medical devices.

The requirements for surfaces are therefore very high: they must be clean, dry and deburred so that further processing, finishing or coating of workpieces can be carried out smoothly in just-in-time production.

White Lion Trockeneistrahl Workshop


Open up new opportunities with White Lion

For our customers we offer workshops concerning the dry ice blasting procedure. In doing so we address service companies, that want to offer services with our dry ice blasting machines, as well as manufacturers, who wish to keep their machine park clean with our dry ice blasting devices.

Being up to date requires continuous further training. Our goal is to share our more than 15-year experiences in dry ice cleaning with you so that you achieve the best results. We support the qualification of your team with valuable information, numerous suggestions and practical tips from the world of dry ice blasting.

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Dry ice cleaning

Cleanliness without secondary effects with dry ice cleaning

Contrary to other blasting processes, dry ice cleaning is a process that produces only minimal secondary effects. After a cleaning with dry ice pellets, only the removed dirt remains, which can be easily vacuumed, swept up or washed away. This type of cleaning does not produce any damage to the surface of the material to be cleaned, and there is not a mass of used blasting material. The used blasting material sublimes into natural gases, such as those that are also present in the breathing air. The result of a dry ice treatment is a visibly cleaned surface, even with persistent soiling.

Dry ice cleaning – high-tech in blasting technology

Dry ice cleaning is a process that offers many advantages. Of all types of cleaning, it is the gentlest and most versatile process, which also guarantees the best results and prevents consequential damage. Dry ice treatments are done without harsh chemicals, without the use of water, at the lowest temperatures and without finely distributing blasting material.

During the process pellets of frozen carbon dioxide are shot out at high pressure. The approximately 3 millimeter long pellets have a temperature of -80 ° C. When they come into contact with the dirty surface, they blow off the dirt. Then dry ice cleaning really shows what it can do: Immediately after contact with the warmer surface, each pellet evaporates explosively. The resulting pressure also acts like a shock wave on the soiling. Because of the extremely low temperature the adherence becomes brittle. This makes dry ice treatments a process that can be used in areas where others have to give up.

We start where others have to give up

What do you think happens when you treat dirty power cables with a sandblaster or computer boards with a high-pressure cleaner? What remains if plastic bodies are stripped with harsh solvents? Or when sensitive devices are cleaned with hot steam pressure? The result is always the same – the cleaning procedure results in the complete destruction of the object to be cleaned. However, it is quite different with dry ice cleaning: Whether body, computer components, cables, machines, tools and molds or upholstery and plastics – this cleaning gets everything as clean as a whistle again, without destroying the cleaning object.

Professionals with over 25 years of experience in dry ice cleaning

White Lion started working with dry ice over 25 years ago. At first as a service provider, we were so enthusiastic about the technology that we soon started to develop our own machines. We know what is important for efficient cleaning with dry ice and are happy to share our great experience with you. In addition to powerful and innovative products, intelligent accessories and an extensive service, we have not forgotten our roots: The cleaning service with dry ice is still in our portfolio today. Before you buy a dry ice machine, let yourself be impressed by our abilities in design, manufacture and application. Call us, we will find the right approach for your challenge.

Dry ice cleaning for upholstery and textiles

Because of the non-abrasive effect, dry ice is an ideal cleaning medium for upholstery and textiles. Regardless of whether it is a dirty car seat, stained armchair, dirty office chair, truck seats or dirty curtains – cleaning with dry ice makes textiles and upholstery look like new again. The procedure is the same as for cleaning solid surfaces: The -80 ° C cold CO2 particles cause the pollution to become freeze through the cold and become brittle. Through explosive evaporation, the CO2 pellets tear off the dirt. They fall to the ground and can be easily vacuumed or swept away.

The special advantage of the dry ice treatment is its universal solution. No matter how complex a surface is and how many different materials it is equipped with, dry ice blasting makes everything equally clean. Nothing has to be dismantled or disassembled for this cleaning method. The product will be cleaned as it is – and then seem like new. Of course, rough pre-cleaning is always a good idea, even with dry ice blasting. In the case of upholstery and textiles, vacuuming is completely sufficient to remove the loosest dirt particles. The dry ice machine will clean the rest and removes even engrained dirt out without leaving any residue. This process is therefore also ideal for special cases of hardship: chewing gum stuck in upholstery is very difficult to remove using conventional methods without damaging the upholstery. Even chewing gum that has dried for years has no chance against dry ice blasting.

FAQ – Typical questions:

What do you need for dry ice cleaning?

A dry ice cleaning system consists of the dry ice hopper, hose and nozzle and a powerful compressor. You can dry ice pellets and keep them in a cool box. With frequent, professional use, a dry ice pelletizing machine is the better choice because it can supply any number of pellets.

Which compressor is recommended for a dry ice cleaning system?

The compressor for a dry ice blasting system should supply at least 6 bar / 6m3 pressure. Since dry ice cleaning can sometimes take a long time, a compressor with a correspondingly long service life is required. In addition, we recommend the use of a “whisper compressor” with current exhaust emission standards. Working with noise-reduced compressors is much more pleasant.

What work protection and safety are required for dry ice cleaning?

Working with the dry ice cleaner is generally not dangerous. However, to rule out freeze burns or eye injuries, we recommend long-sleeved work clothing, eye protection and gloves. Hearing protection also significantly reduces noise exposure while working.