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“The Cool Magazine” English

The whole world of dry ice blasting

“The Cool Magazine” is the new magazine of White Lion. On 42 pages you will explore the whole world of laser and dry ice blasting with White Lion. Get an overview of the numerous applications of dry ice blasting and gain an initial insight into the benefits that dry ice cleaning provides for your industry.

“The Cool Magazine” German

“White Lion Technical Catalog” English

In the “Technical Catalog” you will find our complete product portfolio of all dry ice blasting machines as well as the suitable dry ice blasting accessories.

“White Lion Technical Catalog” German

“White Lion Technical catalog” French

“White Lion dry ice folder & safety data sheet” German

Download dry ice folder & safety data sheet

“White Lion Black Box 100” German

Transport your dry ice perfectly cooled with the White Lion Black Box 100

“White Lion Antarctica” English

Own production of dry ice – here you will find extensive information about our Pelletizer White Lion Antarctica

“White Lion Antarctica” German