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+++++ Breaking news! The Time is now! Cleanliness creates securtiy! +++++ Our dry ice blasting systems help to make the world safer with clean surfaces! +++++ Dry ice is an important part of the cold chain for food and pharmaceutical products to stay fresh now and in the future! +++++ In order that everything remains clean, visit our applications on our page!

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Find out why in our Top 10 White Lion is so superior and you will choose White Lion’s high quality dry ice blasters.


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If you would like to buy a dry ice blasting machine or a dry ice blasting system, you will find useful tips here on dry ice cleaning and much more …

Robotertechnik Trockeneisstrahlgerät Automatisierter Prozess

Surface technology

Automated cleaning process in the manufacture – White Lion offers an excellent solution for surface pretreatment with its fully automated, innovative dry ice cleaning technology “Robby 5000”.