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All about dry ice…

In practice, the production of dry ice takes place through the decompression of liquid CO2 from a suitable tank with a pressure of about 17 bar to atmospheric pressure. In this process, the liquefied CO2 is injected into a mould or antechamber. The dry ice snow produced in this manner is then pressed with a hydraulic press into dry ice in the form of pellets or blocks of different dimensions.

The CO2 gas produced during the manufacture of dry ice can be again liquefied with a CO2 recovery system and fed back into the production process if necessary.

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide (CO2), which sublimates under normal conditions at a temperature above -78.48 °C, which means that it passes directly into the gaseous state without first melting.

Dry ice is a white, odourless solid similar to ice, which sublimates at atmospheric pressure. During sublimation, its volume is increased by a factor of 760.

White Lion delivers dry ice pellets and nuggets throughout Germany, providing an important service to our customers in the service industry.

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Trockeneispellets Trockenisshop White Lion

Dry ice pellets

Dry ice pellets have a diameter of 3 mm and are used primarily as an abrasive for the dry ice blasting process. However, they do also have other applications, such as pipe freezing or the operation of cooling traps.

Trockeneispellets Trockeneisshop White Lion

Dry ice nuggets

Nuggets with a diameter of 16 mm are used exclusively for cooling. Applications are found in the food, catering and chemical industries.


Dry ice blocks and slices

Dry ice blocks are manufactured using dry ice block presses. Dry ice blocks have a high cooling capacity and are ideal for refrigeration during transportation, for the catering industry, and in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Our blocks are characterised by particularly high density, durability and low sublimation losses.

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