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Trockeneispellets Trockenisshop White Lion

Dry ice pellets

  • ø 3mm
  • ø 4mm Power-Pellets
  • abrasive for the dry ice blasting process
  • Cooling of different products
  • operation of cooling traps
  • pipe freezing
  • The innovative power pellets achieve a significantly higher abrasion rate in the blasting process
Trockeneispellets Trockeneisshop White Lion


  • ø 12 mm
  • ø 16 mm
  • Used exclusively for cooling
  • used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries
  • as a coolant for catering and event gastronomy

Trockeneisblöcke & Trockeneisscheiben

  • Dimensions of blocks and slices on request
  • refrigeration during transportation
  • Use in logistics and international air freight
  • Cooling in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Your expert for dry ice

Our customers appreciate us for an uncomplicated, flexible and absolutely fast delivery.

  • highest product quality – Made in Germany
  • competent advice based on our many years of experience in the industry
  • order at the desired date
  • delivery throughout Germany by express delivery
  • in the Rhine-Main and Rhine-Neckar area from 100 kg personal delivery by our own logistic service
  • delivery time is usually one day
  • pickup of small quantities up to 20 kg possible
  • in-house innovative transport box included

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“[…] We were particularly impressed by your enormous flexibility, communication / cooperation that went far beyond the usual and perfect reliability – with this, we still managed to get all deliveries to the customer well. We will be very happy to work with you in the future as well.”

Christian Bauer
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“Very customer friendly, helpful, fast and uncomplicated, anytime again !”

Thomas Stauner
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FAQ - At a glance!

What actually is dry ice?

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide. It has the special property of not melting when heated but changing to a gaseous state, thus guaranteeing extremely low temperatures without moisture. With a temperature of -78.5°C, dry ice has a very wide range of applications and can be used for a wide variety of purposes, e.g. as a coolant or for professional cleaning.

What is the difference between pellets and nuggets?

Dry ice pellets have a thickness of 3 mm. Pellets are mainly used in surface cleaning, i.e. for blasting. An absolute novelty are our 4 mm power pellets, which are characterized by a particularly high abrasion rate.

Our dry ice nuggets have a thickness of 12 and 16 mm. The main application of the nuggets is in the refrigeration sector, e.g. for cooling foodstuffs or transport refrigeration in pharmaceutical logistics.

How long does dry ice last?

How long dry ice lasts depends on various factors such as ambient temperature, the condition of the storage box and the amount of dry ice. As a general rule, dry ice sublimates, or changes to a gaseous state: a loss of 15 – 30% must be taken into account after just 24 hours. Therefore, when ordering, we recommend to set the delivery date exactly to the date of use.

What do I have to consider when transporting dry ice?

Dry ice may only be transported in vehicles in a closed thermobox if it is stored separately from the driver’s cab.

How do I store dry ice?

Dry ice may only be stored in special thermoboxes and not in unventilated rooms. As a general rule, dry ice sublimes, or changes to a gaseous state. For this reason, we recommend storing it outside buildings.