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Who are we?

White Lion is an enterprise with three main business areas:

1. Development, production and sale of high-quality dry ice blasting systems
2. Industrial cleaning with dry ice blasting systems of our production
3. Service and maintenance of dry ice blasting systems.

With these three cornerstones, we satisfy almost every demand regarding the professional cleaning of surfaces.

White Lion holds three patents on laser technology which were originated in the permanent search for solutions in the surface cleaning domain.

White Lion's customers are world leaders in many industries.

Among our clients are worldwide leading enterprises of the automotive industry as well as international industry-service providers, power plants, chemical enterprises, airlines and many more.

Here you find a selection of the range of applications where the dry ice cleaning procedure has proven its value as well as the industries, in which the technology is used successfully.

We respond to your individual needs and work out customized solutions. An intensive counseling interview, preferably on your location brings you planning reliability and clarity about what performance, resp. which dry ice blasting system is the right one for you.

Are you a production or maintenance executive and need to keep your machines clean from any impurities? Order our White-Lion-WORKS-Team and your assembly line will look like new again. Your cleaning duties are too frequent so it is no longer cost-efficient to engage a cleaning service provider? Then let us consult you on the purchase of a dry ice blasting system! In case of repeated similar cleaning processes, an automated solution could be of interest for you.

Even after the purchase of a dry ice blasting machine we are there for our customers. Should a maintenance at our site be necessary, we will provide you with a dry ice blasting system in exchange for the period of the repair. With our offer of a variety of accessories, White Lion customers can adjust their dry ice blasting system to changing requirements at any time.

Code of Conduct

We are a responsibly managed company and we give our employees principles and rules for correct and independent behavior, primarily in dealing with customers, business partners and colleagues. Our Code of Conduct is the basis for a loyal, sustainable corporate culture, to which we feel obligated internally and externally.

The strength of White Lion is to offer all these solutions one-stop. Ask us!

White Lion is a successful, internationally operating enterprise with certified validity and management.

Our company has been certified by Creditreform for its good credit rating.