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Dry ice blasting equipment

White Lion Trockeneisstrahlgeräte Übersicht

Dry ice blasting devices

If you want to buy a dry ice blasting machine, White Lion is the place for you. We are a German manufacturer of dry ice blasting machines with advanced technology and a high demand for perfection. We are happy to advise you personally, therefore we ask you to simply “contact” us:/en/white-lion/contact-directions/ and let White Lion’s dry ice blasting machines convince you. In our wide product range you will find the dry ice blasting machine that suits you best.

White Lion Trockeneisproduktion

Dry ice production

Produce your own dry ice with the Pelletizer White Lion Arctic. Every time, when dry ice is needed quickly and in bulk, an own dry ice production makes sense. With your own dry ice machine you can ensure your supply with dry ice of high quality – at the desired place and in the desired quantity.

Trockeneistransportbox in Schwarz

Dry ice boxes

In order to transport dry ice well chilled, we have developed our White Lion transport boxes, which have a large capacity and particularly good insulation. This ensures that your dry ice reaches its destination safely and, above all, ice cold.

The dry ice boxes can be stacked with the pallet truck without a pallet and are therefore particularly space-saving.

Kaeser Kompressoren

Air compressors

In close collaboration with KAESER White Lion offers you the ideal supply with compressed air, which is needed in the mobile as well as the stationary application of the dry ice cleaning technology.

Kaeser offers devices for compressed air supply for production and work processes. The system solutions target ideal overall economy and comprise production, conditioning and distribution of compressed air.

Repair and Service

Maintenance & service

Development and production of reliable dry ice blasting machines is one thing. To maintain and wait them is a completely different thing. Good maintenance of a dry ice blasting system often makes the crucial difference at the application.

Everyone is acquainted with it: A breakdown is always unpleasant and normally arrives unexpected. Our technicians ensure a maximum in security and reliability. At your desire we offer you a maintenance contract. We gladly take over the regular maintenance of your dry ice blasting system. Thus your machine is always ready for action and up to date.

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Dry ice blasting devices from White Lion

White Lion is an innovative manufacturer that offers dry ice blasting equipment for every budget. Regardless of whether you need dry ice blasting devices as a service provider or for your own application, we always have the right device for you.

Dry ice blasting equipment for every application

One of our smallest dry ice blasting devices is the model WL 1000 Minimax. It has the dimensions 530 mm x 550 mm x 650 mm and weighs 70 kg. Due to the compact dimensions, it is well suited for permanent stationary use. The WL 1000 Minimax is in its element wherever continuous cleaning work has to be carried out.

Another compact device of our dry ice blasting devices is the model WL 1500 Competition. With 530 mm x 550 mm x 700 mm and a weight of only 75 kg, the WL 1500 Competition is one of the most compact dry ice blasting devices currently available on the market. With up to 10 bar jet pressure and a consumption of up to 80 kg / hour, the WL 1500 Competition already offers sufficient performance data for many applications.

In contrast, the model WL 5000 Robby is significantly more powerful. With 675 mm x 580 mm x 1100 mm and a weight of 92 kg, this dry ice blasting unit already offers up to 16 bar blasting pressure. The distinguishing feature of the Robby is its suitability for automatic cleaning with robots.

The performance data of WL 5000 Airmax and WL 5000 Robby model are identical. This machine has been designed for demanding continuous use and has a capacity of approx. 50 kg dry ice pellets.

Finally, with the WL 3000 Profi we have a particularly versatile model. The optionally available soft start function effectively prevents voltage dips and blown fuses. With its high working pressure, high outlet rate and robust technology, this dry ice blasting unit is ideal for continuous use.

Comprehensive accessories for dry ice blasting equipment

Our compact dry ice blasting devices are equipped with a 5 meter hose as standard, depending on the model, the dry ice blasting units can also be equipped with a 7.5 meter long hose. Other hose lengths are optionally available for all models. Power cable, compressed air hose and blasting nozzle are also included in the scope of delivery for each device.

Experienced in technology and performance

White Lion has many years of experience in the development and handling of dry ice blasting devices. We are a supplier and service provider who aims to offer the best possible dry ice blasting equipment for 20 years. Our development focuses on technical reliability, efficient performance and best handling. Our company also offers a comprehensive service package. We would be very pleased to impress you with the performance of our dry ice blasting equipment with a demonstration on-site. Call us, we will find the right solution for each of your challenges. We will also be pleased to take over the cleaning tasks in your company as a service provider. With White Lion you only get the best Made-In-Germany quality – for products as well as service.

Dry ice blasting equipment for especially sensitive surfaces

Leaking paint, bitumen splashes, overflowing hot glue, old fat crusts – the list of particularly difficult types of contamination can be continued a long timer. Up to now, this contamination could only be painful mechanically scraped off or they were treated with harsh solvents. But what if glue, paint, or bitumen have landed on a wire harness or a computer board? Traditional cleaning processes have no chance here. All you would achieve with a scrapper, brush, sandblasting or solvent would be cleaned components which aren’t serviceable anymore.

This is where the dry ice blasting equipment can show its full potential: dry ice blasting removes only the unwanted buildup with almost surgical precision. The surface underneath, however sensitive, remains completely untouched. Dry ice blasting devices achieve an astonishing effect: the cleaned element looks like a brand-new product after treatment with the dry ice blasting equipment. The devices achieve this unique performance with three tricks, that only this form of surface treatment can do: With dry ice blasting, as with any other blasting method, a blasting material is blown onto a surface. Similar to sandblasting, the -78 ° C cold CO2 pellets tear away part of the dirt. However, two things happen when they hit the surface: The dirt particles on the surface cool down considerably. This makes them brittle, hard, and cracked. These are ideal conditions for a cleaning process. At the same time, the CO2 pellets evaporate explosively, creating an additional effect. These mini-explosions then remove the unwanted adhesions from the surface. This creates an extremely sensitive but also extremely thorough cleaning.

Typical questions

Why buying dry ice blasting equipment from White Lion?

White Lion offers first-class dry ice blasting equipment for a reasonable price. The machines, which can be used in the industry without any problems, also suffice the highest quality standards. As a customer, you also enjoy a very special service that only White Lion can offer. White Lion explicit supports the commercial use of its devices.

What is special about the dry ice blasting devices from White Lion?

The dry ice blaster from White Lion impress with their particularly wide range of uses and applicability under harsh conditions. For example, the corpus of every White Lion dry ice blasting equipment is made of high-strength but light aluminum or stainless steel. This means that White Lion devices can also be used in environments with aggressive acids or alkalis.

How do you get a White Lion dry ice blasting machine?

You can buy or, rent or lease White Lion dry ice blasting machines. We have special service offers for start-ups and machine rental companies wanting to use our dry ice blasting equipment for cleaning services.