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Laser cleaning

White Lion Laserreinigung

Laser cleaning process

Environmentally friendly and accurate to a T

In the industrial cleaning sector, there is no doubt that the use of laser beams for cleaning is one of the most interesting and innovative methods in the world. As with dry ice blasting, however, the important point is to use the method properly. Each manufacturing process is unique, and one process differs very much from the other. Each cleaning method has its advantages and disadvantages. The essential thing is to realise this and to apply the most suitable method efficiently in order to make your production process even safer and more cost-effective. For automated processes, laser cleaning is the ideal method to apply.

White Lion Patents

Patent "Laser cleaning paper machine"

A patented online laser cleaning system in the paper manufacturing process

Continuously clean dryer screens / fabric webs with a uniformly high CFM value are an important part of any smooth and modern paper production system.

White Lion understands the concerns of paper manufacturers well – an online system must be reliable and highly efficient, not only in terms of cleaning results, but also in terms of operating costs.

Laserreinigung Touchdownzone

Patent "Laser cleaning touch down zone"

The task

At all airports, during normal flight operations, there is intense rubber abrasion happening during touchdown, especially of the main landing gear, regardless of type and size of the aircraft. The heavier the landing plane and the more frequently planes are landing, the faster there is a rubber coat building on the runway, which has to be removed at regular intervals.

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