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Patented laser cleaning

A patented online laser cleaning system in the paper manufacturing process

Continuously clean dryer screens / fabric webs with a uniformly high CFM value are an important part of any smooth and modern paper production system.

White Lion understands the concerns of paper manufacturers well – an online system must be reliable and highly efficient, not only in terms of cleaning results, but also in terms of operating costs.

Swen Müller has been addressing these issues for a number of years now. Most recently, he has made the idea of dryer screen cleaning with C02 dry ice acceptable within the industry. However, while this method provides good cleaning results, it is not really possible online. It was clear that a completely new approach was required.

The solution: an online system with a laser source – a laser cleaning system.

Dry, contact-free, independent of raw materials, the system is for use in the dry and wet sections. Pulps, stickies – the impurities that typically lower the CFM value – can be very efficiently evaporated with high-energy beams, and with no limit to the variability of production speed.

What sets this method apart is that the specially developed dryer screen remains “invisible” to the laser beam and therefore cannot be damaged.

White Lion holds the patent for a laser cleaning process in the paper industry

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