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Laser cleaning process

Environmentally friendly and accurate to a T

In the industrial cleaning sector, there is no doubt that the use of laser beams for cleaning is one of the most interesting and innovative methods in the world. As with dry ice blasting, however, the important point is to use the method properly. Each manufacturing process is unique, and one process differs very much from the other. Each cleaning method has its advantages and disadvantages. The essential thing is to realise this and to apply the most suitable method efficiently in order to make your production process even safer and more cost-effective. For automated processes, laser cleaning is the ideal method to apply.

White Lion Laserreinigung

The advantages of the laser beam method at a glance

  • Very low noise emissions / almost silent
  • No blasting abrasives / raw materials required
  • No waste disposal required
  • Gentle on surfaces – non-abrasive
  • Very low operating costs
  • Long maintenance cycles
  • Maximum availability
  • Online automation
  • Pinpoint accuracy

With the dry ice and laser cleaning methods, White Lion offers you two very powerful and innovative technologies with different performance specifications. With the laser cleaning method, the layers to be removed are evaporated with high-energy beams – and variable parameter settings can be used to achieve maximum precision and speed off treatment.

Evaporation residues can be extracted by suction and neutralised using catalytic converter filtration. The laser method is therefore extremely environmentally friendly. This technology is already being applied successfully in the following manufacturing processes.

The difference between soiled tire molds and tire molds that have been cleaned by the laser cleaning process is enormous.

What are the applications for laser cleaning?

  • General mould cleaning
  • Baking moulds such as waffle irons
  • Cleaning of tyre moulds in the manufacturing process
  • Cleaning of press cylinders and anilox rollers
  • Stripping/removal of paint
  • Aviation and aerospace industry

The automated 24-hour process

Compared to other industrial cleaning methods, the excellent results produced by laser cleaning and coating removal technology are extremely constant, giving a high level of process reliability. Workpieces and moulds with widely varying geometries can be traversed with pinpoint accuracy using robots. A precisely definable distance from the surface and a constant speed guarantee a consistently reproducible quality of the surface cleanliness required.

Another particular advantage of the laser method is its independence of raw materials. In most cases, a 16 ampere power supply is sufficient. The cost of operating a laser system amounts to about one to three euros per hour.

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