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Protect resources with White Lion

The dry ice cleaning process is not only efficient and surface-friendly, but also a very environmentally friendly method of removing impurities and other undesirable deposits on surfaces.

On the one hand, the dry ice blasting process is completely without water. The drinking water resources are spared and the treatment of contaminated sewage water is not necessary, as it is using high-pressure water. The danger of percolation of polluted water is not a topic with the dry ice blasting systems of White Lion.

Furthermore no chemical cleansing materials are used. The cleaning effect of the dry ice blasting process results exclusively from the cold shock of the dry ice and the kinetic energy of the dry ice pellets. The application rate of expensive chemicals is eliminated. No personnel is exposed to harmful emissions. Your ecobalance benefits.

Above that the dry ice blasting process can be used CO2-neutrally if carbon dioxide is used as a blasting abrasive from natural sources, this means CO2, which is not derived from fossil fuel or other combustion processes.

Not only with regard to purification processes White Lion offers environmentally-friendly alternatives. Instead of transporting food in refrigerated containers, you can simply store them in our practical dry ice transport boxes. The use of chemical coolants is no longer required by using dry ice, as well as using electrical cooling systems. Are you interested in an environmentally friendly alternative to your existing cold chain? Please contact us.

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