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Dry ice blasting unit


The challenge of cleaning surfaces with blasting technology

The blasting of surfaces is always a delicate matter. Undesirable adhesions can be removed quickly with high pressure and abrasive blasting material. But even the softest conventional blasting material, such as baking powder or plastic beads, always has secondary effects: On the one hand, the base material is always affected by the blasting material. On the other hand, the blasting material always requires a lot of reworking because it has to be collected and disposed of. A cleaning operation lasting several hours is usually part of after a huge blasting project.

The better choice: dry ice blasting

The dry ice blasting unit offers the best results using blasting technology for cleaning – without any disadvantages mentioned before. The blasting material dry ice has a double effect when processing the surface: the direct impact of the ice pellet already dissolves the undesired adhesion. When it hits the warm surface, the dry ice also explosively changes its physical state: the ice pellet becomes a gas cloud with a multiple volume within milliseconds. The explosion pressure – which of course only takes place on a microscopic scale – now completely removes the loosened adhesion from the base material without harming it in the slightest. Abrasive effects that cannot be avoided with conventional blasting processes are excluded with a dry ice blasting device. In addition, the blasting material of the dry ice blasting unit sublimes into a natural gas which is a component of the ambient air.

White Lion Trockenstrahlverfahren

What are the possibilities of dry ice blasting unit?

The areas of application for a dry ice blasting device are versatile. It can be classified between high-quality high-pressure cleaners and hard sandblasters. A dry ice blasting machine can work on areas for which a high-pressure cleaner is too weak or too sensitive for a sandblaster. In addition to the classic applications such as rust removal and paint stripping, the dry ice blasting unit shows its power in the cleaning area. Electrical systems up to open circuit boards, machines from the food industry, upholstery or surfaces heavily stuck with oil and dried paint are no problem for a dry ice blasting unit.

White Lion dry ice blasting unit

The dry ice blasting unit convinces with many additional and very practical features. The fill level can be checked on the White Lion dry ice blaster without opening the lid. In this manner, no fog escapes that hinders the view of the fill level.
We manufacture ourselves, therefore we are able to deliver the best Made-in-Germany quality. Sales and distribution also take place through our own trading and service center. Our dealers and importers are carefully selected by White Lion and also provide a professional and competent service. By manufactoring each of our dry ice blasting units we incorporate 20 years of experience with these machines. We know what is important when working with a dry ice blaster, therefore we can always present our customers the best solutions. Call us, we will find the right dry ice blasting unit for your challenge.

What operating conditions does a dry ice blasting unit need?

Except for our smallest device, the “WL Cube”, which weighs only 45 kilograms, all dry ice blasting machines from White Lion are mounted on stable wheels. The chassis of White Lion dry ice blasting units consists of two fixed and two rotatable rollers. The guide rolls are equipped with fixing brakes. This prevents the dry ice blasting unit from rolling away while using it. The device can be moved to any point. The blasting nozzle is attached to a long hose package. So practically every point can be reached. Each dry ice blasting unit also has a chassis made of high-strength aluminum. It is also suitable for tough operations. The device can easily get along with hits and reliably continues its work even under harsh conditions.
A dry ice blasting unit uses frozen and pelleted carbon dioxide as blasting material. Solid carbon dioxide has a temperature of -80 ° C, which can be easily handled by the entire unit. The storage container is well insulated so that the blasting material remains in its desired solid state for a long time. This makes the dry ice blasting machines from White Lion suitable for use even in warm temperatures.

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Typical questions

What kind of protective clothing do you need for dry ice blasting?

When used properly, dry ice blasting is completely harmless. We recommend wearing lined gloves and arm warmers as well as long-sleeved pants and shirt. Safety glasses, a helmet, safety shoes and hearing protection are sufficient as general protective measures. The hose and nozzle of the dry ice blasting unit are light enough to work safely and comfortably from a ladder or scaffolding.

With wich distance can you work with the dry ice blasting machine?

White Lion offers blasting hoses up to a length of 10 meters. These can be connected to one another as desired, e.g. 2× 10 m. For their use a correspondingly powerful compressor is required, which supplies the dry ice blasting devices with the necessary amount of air and the required air pressure. White Lion is also an authorized Kaeser dealer.

What blasting pressure can the dry ice blasting devices get along with?

Each of our dry ice blasting devices can work within a range of at least 10 bar air pressure. Our smallest device is ready for operation from 0.5 bar. Our top model can handle a maximum pressure of 16 bar. In terms of air volume, our smallest device starts at 0.2 m³ / min. Our largest dry ice blasting machine can process up to 16 m³ / min.