Dry ice cleaning

Dry ice blasting procedure

The function principle

The White Lion dry ice blasting machines accelerate dry ice pellets to about 1000 km/h (ca. speed of sound) and blast them onto the workpiece that has to be cleaned. The following physical factors are essential for the effect of the procedure.


With awareness of dry ice blasting technology increasing, new applications for this fascinating cleaning technique are being found every day. And everyone who wants to use a dry ice blasting machine economically should know about the variety of use cases. Here you will find a list of the industries and manufacturing processes in which dry ice blasting has established itself to date.

You are not sure, if dry ice blasting is the right solution for your specific task? Please ask us about it – with its many years of experience, the White Lion team can help you with your specific requirements.

Before - After

Dry ice cleaning with the dry ice blasting machines of White Lion really cleans up! Here you see various examples, that show, how powerful dry ice blasting really is. And best of all: Dry ice blasting can be deployed in the most different situations. Please look up, in which industries our devices are already successfully used.

Automated dry ice blasting

Absolutely in line with the trend

Continuously clean surfaces play an important role in any manufacturing industry, especially the automotive industry. Simply being clean is not nearly clean enough. Nowadays, the demands made on surface quality before finishing are many and diverse: the surface must be fat-free, without fingerprints and with no micro-particles before it can be coated.


Versatile and forward-looking

The standards of quality expected by many manufacturers are growing continuously alongside their innovative developments. Today, dry ice blasting systems and techniques are finding versatile applications in sectors as diverse as microtechnology and medical devices.

The requirements for surfaces are therefore very high: they must be clean, dry and deburred so that further processing, finishing or coating of workpieces can be carried out smoothly in just-in-time production.


Open up new opportunities with White Lion

For our customers we offer workshops concerning the dry ice blasting procedure. In doing so we address service companies, that want to offer services with our dry ice blasting machines, as well as manufacturers, who wish to keep their machine park clean with our dry ice blasting devices.

Being up to date requires continuous further training. Our goal is to share our more than 15-year experiences in dry ice cleaning with you so that you achieve the best results. We support the qualification of your team with valuable information, numerous suggestions and practical tips from the world of dry ice blasting.

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Cleanliness without side effects thanks to dry ice cleaning

Dry ice cleaning is a procedure which produces only minimal side effects in comparison to other blasting methods. A dry ice cleaning session leaves only the detached grime, which can be vacuumed, swept up or flushed away without difficulty. Dry ice cleaning does not cause damages on the surfaces of the cleaned material and there is no accumulation of spent grit. The used grit sublimates into natural gases like they occur in breathable air. The result of a dry ice cleaning is a visibly clean surface even in tough cases.

Dry ice cleaning – high tech in blast technology

Dry ice cleaning is a method of many advantages. Out of all cleaning methods, it is the most gentle and versatile procedure, which also always guarantees best results and excludes consequential damages. Dry ice cleaning works without harsh chemicals, without the use of water, with lowest temperatures and without finely dispersed grit. Dry ice cleaning shoots pellets made of frozen carbon dioxide at high pressure. The 3mm long grains have a temperature of -80°C. Upon contact with the contaminated surface, they immediately blast any undesirable adhesions. After that, dry ice cleaning really shows what it can do: immediately after contact with the warmer surface the pellet evaporates explosively. The resulting pressure additionally acts as a shockwave against the unwanted grime. Finally, the low temperature of the dry ice results in an embrittlement of the adhesions. This leads to dry ice cleaning being the method of choice in areas where other methods are forced to forfeit.

Where others give up, we’re just beginning

What do you think happens if you try to clean contaminated power cables with a sandblaster? Or if a circuit board is blasted by a high pressure cleaner? What remains if a plastic car body is supposed to be stripped of paint by harsh solvents? Or if delicate equipment is cleaned with hot vapour pressure? The result is always the same – the attempt at cleaning results in the complete destruction of the object in question. The case is entirely different when it comes to dry ice cleaning: No matter if it’s a car body, a computer component, cables, machines, tools and moulds or cap pieces and synthetic material – dry ice cleaning leaves everything sparkling clean.

Experts with 20 years of experience in dry ice cleaning

Here at White Lion, we started using dry ice cleaning 20 years ago. While at first we acted primarily as a service provider, we were so enthusiastic about the technology that we soon started to develop our own machines. We know what matters when it comes to the efficient cleaning with dry ice and would love to share our extensive experience with you. Next from powerful and innovative products, intelligent accessories and comprehensive service we also didn’t forget about our roots: the service of dry ice cleaning is still part of our portfolio today. Before you buy a dry ice machine, let us impress you with our capabilities in construction, production and application. Call us and we’ll find the right approach for your challenge.