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The White Lion round nozzle XL (left) and the White Lion Power round nozzle (right)

White Lion round nozzles

Here you get an overview and further information about our various White Lion Round Nozzles.

Round nozzles typically generate the highest level of aggressiveness in the dry ice blasting process.
These nozzles are compact in terms of their geometry and versatile in use. Again, the general rule here is that the with a constant air pressure and volume, performance is determined by the nozzle outlet size – the smaller the outlet, the greater the kinetic energy of the impacting pellets. By adding the scrambler nozzle, the blast pattern can be optimized.

All White Lion nozzles are compatible with IceTech and BUSE Jet dry ice blasting devices.

Choosing the right dry ice blasting nozzle

The range of applications for dry ice blasting and dry ice cleaning is very diverse. White Lion dry ice blasting equipment is ideally prepared for these tasks, because all important parameters are set independently of each other – including air pressure, the quantity of blasting abrasive and the volume of dry ice pellets.

With our WL 3000 Profi dry ice blasting system, the spectrum of volumes ranges from a minimum of 20kg/h to max 120kg/h, a feature which, incidentally, is unique.

Another important factor in the performance of a dry ice blasting machine is the right choice of nozzle. White Lion offers our customers a special range of flat nozzles, round nozzles and angled nozzles.

A special variant is the scrambler nozzle, the “ice splitter”, which breaks the dry ice down into smaller pieces, with their size depending on the choice of screen mesh. The fine dry ice blasting medium produced in this manner makes even more efficient use of materials and impresses with a dense and uniform blast pattern.

If you’re looking for fast and economical cleaning or deburring, make sure to choose the right nozzle.

White Lion Power Round Nozzle

Included with all White Lion dry ice blasting units

Nozzle outlet: 11 mm
Length: 108 mm

White Lion Round Nozzle XL

Nozzle outlet: 26 mm
Length: 128 mm

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