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Power plant cleaning using the dry ice blasting process

Cleaning of crabs, conveyers and waste bunkers

In order to keep a power plant clean and efficient, sometimes extraordinary means are required. This is mainly known to operators of biomass and waste incineration plants. To keep waste bunkers, crabs and conveyers clean is a challenge due to the difficult conditions, but it is profitable. Regular cleaning of the equipment increases the service life and makes defects such as cracks and deformation visible in time. The dry ice blasting process is ideally suited for this task. Dry ice pellets blown onto the workpieces with compressed air blow off the dirt from the metal. The dry ice sublimes immediately to gaseous CO2, no abrasive material is left that has to be disposed additional to the blasted dirt.

Cleaning of air cool condensors and air preheaters

The same principle is also effective for the cleaning of air cool condensors and air preheaters. Contaminations and blockages caused by air flows into these areas are easy to remove with the dry ice blasting process. The advantage over high-pressure water jets is not only the avoidance of polluted sewage water whose effluent would have to be ensured but also by the saving of drinking water also in the life cycle assessment of the process.

The CO2 used by White Lion for the dry ice cleaning process comes from natural sources from the Vulkaneiffel.

Cleaning of switching boxes

Since no water ist used, electrical systems can also be cleaned safely with the dry ice blasting process. Even printed circuit boards and components can be eliminated from deposits with the correct compressed air adjustment without damaging them.

If the purchase of a dry ice machine is not profitable, because cleaning is rarely necessary, you can also order the White Lion WORKS team to do the cleaning. Contact us!