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Remove wood discoloration with White Lion

Timber structures that are exposed to the weather, suffer from discoloration over time. This is a natural process that results from the decomposition of the lignin contained in the wood by UV radiation, as well as the moisture-induced growth of microorganisms. Even if discoloration mostly does not pit construction material, it still is not nice to look at. Because pieces of a facade are variedly exposed to weather, their discoloration does also vary which results in unattractive spots and gradients.

There are many ways to brighten up wood. If you are dealing with historical construction material like beams in half-timber houses using sand blasting is not well advised. Sand blasting is an abrasive procedure which means not only is the surface getting cleaned but it also is partially being removed. After sandblasting beams of a half-timber house, their surface is destroyed and with it also historically valid construction informations.