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Buying a dry ice blasting system

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We make it easy to buy a dry ice blasting system

White Lion is your contact if you will buy a dry ice blasting system. Our dealers and importers are carefully selected by White Lion and also provide a professional and competent service. This always guarantees the best prices and close contact with our customers if there are any questions.

Three good reasons to buy a dry ice blasting system:

Industrial companies, trading stations and service companies have good reasons to buy a dry ice blasting system. No other method can achieve good results as quickly and sustainably as with dry ice blasting. Whether continuous use in production, thorough cleaning in maintenance or hygienically perfect cleaning in buildings – the best cleaning effort is always guaranteed with dry ice blasting.

Service providers and start-ups have an excellent reason to buy their own dry ice blasting system. With hardly any other device, you can start your own business faster and easier. Buying a dry ice blasting system is the first step towards financial independence and the foundation stone for a successful company. Unlike other methods, dry ice blasting does not soil the environment during the cleaning process. A start-up in the local garage is therefore easily possible by buying a dry ice blasting device.

It is also worth buying a dry ice blaster for rental stations. The named service providers in particular are grateful purchasers if you want to start with this innovative technology. If a dry ice blasting system stops working, it is good if you can offer a rental device. Buying a dry ice blasting machine is therefore a solid investment for tool and machine rental companies.

Buying dry ice blasting system – not a challenge with us

When buying your dry ice blasting machine, you can either contact us directly or choose one of our carefully selected dealers. Therefore, our dry ice blasting machines are competitive in price without having to compromise on quality or service. We rely on trust of our satisfied customers. This also includes the preparation of customized offers. With interesting discount models or tax-saving leasing models, we make buying a dry ice blasting system an issue-free matter. Call us, we will find a solution for buying a dry ice blasting system from us.

You can buy much more than just a dry ice blasting system from us

We attach great importance to an excellent and trusting relationship with our customers. We would be pleased to support you with service and advice if you buy your dry ice blasting system from White Lion. Innovations around your dry ice blasting device, new application processes or fast maintenance services – White Lion is about more than just buying a dry ice blasting device. We look forward to supporting you in your success.

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Buying a White Lion dry ice blasting system for everyone

Our main target group are traders, service providers, rental services or industrial companies with an internal need for dry ice blasting equipment. But also if you want to buy a White Lion dry ice blasting system as a private person, we are your right contact person. We maintain an extended network of certified and trained dealers in Germany. Anyone interested can have a demonstration of each dry ice blasting machine by White Lion. A White Lion dry ice blasting system is an economical investment. Through advice from a trained authorized dealer you will always receive the right equipment for your applications. During the instruction you won’t only learn how to use the dry ice blasting machine and how to set up the entire system. We also teach in all questions of operational safety and environmental protection. After all, there are many ways to get your own dry ice blasting machine: buying or renting are equally possible. This is particularly interesting for service providers and machine rental companies. White Lion offers a custom-made solution for every customer for every dry ice blasting system. If you want to buy a dry ice blasting device, you will also find exactly the right device and the right offer at White Lion. We convince with our name.

Typical questions

Why buying a White Lion dry ice blasting system?

We know exactly how competitive the dry ice blasting machine market is. We maintain our market position primarily through the high level of feedback from our customers. Of course, high customer satisfaction makes us proud. However, we are always amenable to suggestions.

What quality standard do the White Lion dry ice blasting systems correspond to?

White Lion dry ice blasting machines are exclusively available in heavy, robust Made-in-Germany quality. We know that we manufacture capital goods and not consumer devices. Our machines are robust and offer consistent quality in results and operating costs over their entire service life. It starts with the housing: where other manufacturers rely on cheap plastic, we basically use housings made of high-strength aluminum. This robust, rustproof light metal is ideal and proven for dry ice blasting devices.

What do you need to work with a dry ice blasting system?

A dry ice blasting unit always requires a powerful compressor. Our customers can also buy or these from our service and dealer network. We recommend whisper compressors with their own power generator. These powerful devices can supply the dry ice blasting unit and the pelletizer at the same time. This relieves the customer’s electricity network.