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Dry ice blasting devices

A dry ice blasting machine is a device with high quality components. The mechanical and, above all, thermal loads are particularly high on a dry ice blasting machine. That’s why robust stainless steel, thick-walled GRP plastics, glass and anodized aluminum are the materials of choice for developing a dry ice blasting machine..

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What is a dry ice blasting machine made of?

Compressed air is required for blasting with dry ice. The compressed air is supplied by an external pneumatic unit. Following the compressed air in the dry ice blasting machine is mixed with the blasting material, the dry ice, and ejected through a hose with an outlet nozzle at its end. Therefor a tank for the dry ice and a device for regulating the working pressure is necessary. Only with an ideally infinitely, adjustable working pressure you can always work with the dry ice blasting machine appropriate to the situation. The tank and pressure reducer are therefore always integral parts of a high-quality dry ice blasting machine. The machine also needs a dosing unit. After all, dry ice blasting devices need a powerful control system, a stable housing, ideally a robust chassis and a power connection

The accessories make the dry ice blasting machine an all-rounder

A dry ice blasting device is a tool like any other. The modular structure makes them applicable for many uses. This includes hoses in various lengths, transport boxes for dry ice and, above all, a wide range of nozzles. Only the choice between nozzles with different cross sections, shapes and diameters gives you the necessary liberty to always have the right tool at hand. In addition to the machines, White Lion also offers a large selection of different accessories in the form of nozzles, blasting guns, hoses, compressed air compressors and transport boxes.

Don’t forget the production of the blasting material

The best dry ice blasting device is of no use without dry ice. Although dry ice can also be purchased externally, a pelletizer makes sense for larger quantities. Then a dry ice machine is always part of the use of these machines, which provides the necessary supplies of blasting material. Our dry ice machine “Pelletizer White Lion Arctic” has an output of up to 120 kg / hour. This means that even our largest pelletizer, White Lion Arctic, can continuously supply fresh blasting material at full power. White Lion dry ice blasting machines are also approved for pellets from other manufacturers.

White Lion Arctic Pelletizer

Dry ice blasting devices: 20 years of competence and experience

Dry ice is our profession for over 20 years. This makes us one of the pioneers of this highly effective cleaning technology. We started out as a service provider and therefore we know the industry from every perspective. Our dry ice blasting machines were developed from experience with this technology in daily use. This makes the White Lion dry ice machines particularly precise and optimal in performance and handling.

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Quality of the dry ice blasting devices from White-Lion

Dry ice blasting devices are available in many different quality levels. White Lion is specialized in the production of extremely robust and universally applicable machines. For this purpose, we manufacture a frame made of high-strength, welded stainless steel or screwed aluminum profiles for each machine. We also use metal made of stainless steel or aluminum for the housing. This means that our devices are always protected against corrosion. This makes them universally applicable in the industrial sector: point heat, acids, alkalis or other mechanical or chemical attacks do not affect these housings. They protect the interior strongly and reliably, even in tough conditions. Stainless steel and aluminum are also an optimal choice of materials for a dry ice blasting machine because they are corrosion-free materials. They do not have to be coated, but can also withstand a rain shower without rusting straight away. Therefor dry ice blasting devices from White Lion have a very long service life. For White Lion quality also means service beyond the expiry of the implied: We guarantee that we will keep all spare parts in stock for every device for many years. So your White Lion dry ice blasting machine can be repaired and stays in use for a long time.

Typical questions

Why buying dry ice blasting devices from White Lion?

White Lion offers first-class dry ice blasting devices for a reasonable price. The machines, which can be used in the industry without any problems, also suffice the highest quality standards. As a customer, you also enjoy a very special service that only White Lion can offer. White Lion explicit supports the commercial use of its devices.

What is special about the dry ice blasting devices from White Lion?

The dry ice blaster from White Lion impress with their particularly wide range of uses and applicability under harsh conditions. For example, the corpus of every White Lion dry ice blasting devices is made of high-strength but light aluminum or stainless steel. This means that White Lion devices can also be used in environments with aggressive acids or alkalis.

How do you get a White Lion dry ice blasting machine?

You can buy or, rent or lease White Lion dry ice blasting machines. We have special service offers for start-ups and machine rental companies.