Dry ice blasting

 dry Ice blasting

Dry ice blasting – t remove only what should be removed

Dry ice blasting is a high-performance procedure especially suited to sensitive surfaces and surroundings. Excellent results, straightforward usability and the exclusion of adverse side effects that are inevitable for other cleaning methods convince users of this technique.

Dry ice blasting – The thorough cleaning

Dry ice is carbon dioxide deep-frozen to -80°C. This gas is a natural component of the atmosphere and as a pellet with 2 to 3 Mohs rather soft. With these properties it has a good cleaning effect when impacting adhesions, without damaging the underlying materials. At the moment of impact onto the dirt there are two additional effects: the adhesion is first selectively flash-frozen and thus embrittled. The frozen carbon dioxide pellet sublimates explosively. In its frozen state the pellet has a volume of 2,4mm³. During evaporation, it transforms into a gaseous cloud with a volume of 1770mm³ within milliseconds. This shows the blasting pressure that dry ice blasting uses to remove dirt. Even so, carbon dioxide has such a low hardness that the cleaned surfaces won’t be damaged. No matter if it’s mixed materials like in an engine room, cable room, polished steel pipes or upholstery – the basic material to be cleaned remains as it should be. Dry ice blasting is not abrasive or damaging.

 Dry ice blasting nozzles

Dry ice blasting: also for individual cases thanks to White Lion

In unusual applications White Lion enables the individualization of pellets for dry ice blasting machines. You can determine the size and volume exactly. Thanks to so called scramblers it’s possible to use different blasting agent sizes for the dry ice blasting process. Like this we can solve your challenge to your full satisfaction.

White Lion – 20 years of experience in dry ice blasting

We at White Lion know what dry ice blasting is all about. More than 20 years of experience position us as one of the most competent pioneers of this technology. The “dry ice blasting” process as a service stood at the beginning of our company history. Our daily experience with the then-available machines encouraged us to start thinking about dry ice blasting ourselves. The result is something to be proud of. Our machines can meet even high standards without trouble. Dry ice blasting for the best, especially gentle and lasting results are still our mission. Call us and we’ll happily convince you with our competence in dry ice blasting. Competent and motivated staff await you to help you find the perfect dry ice blasting solution for your individual challenge.