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Dry ice blasting

 dry Ice blasting

Dry ice blasting – so the only thing removed is what has to come off

Dry ice blasting is a powerful process, which is particularly suitable for sensitive surfaces and sensitive environments. It impresses with excellent results, simple handling and the exclusion of harmful secondary effects, which are essential for many other cleaning processes.

Dry ice blasting – an efficient cleaning

Dry ice is carbon dioxide frozen to -80 ° C. This gas is a natural part of the atmosphere and as a frozen pellet it is rather soft with 2 to 3 Mohs. It therefore has a good cleaning effect when it impacts on the dirt without attacking the material underneath. At the moment of contact with the soiling two further effects occur: first, the adherence is first shock-frozen and thus becomes brittle. The dry ice pellets sublimates explosively. When frozen, the pellet has a volume of approx. 2.4mm³. When evaporated, it turns into a gas cloud with a volume of approx. 1770 mm³ within milliseconds. This shows the blasting pressure with which the adhering dirt is removed during the process. Nevertheless, carbon dioxide is not abrasive so the surfaces to be cleaned will not be damaged. Regardless of whether the surface to be cleaned is comprised of mixed materials such as in an engine compartment, cable harnesses, polished steel pipes or even upholstery – the basic material to be cleaned remains as it should be. Dry ice treatments are not abrasive or damaging.

 Dry ice blasting nozzles

Dry ice blasting: an individual solution with White Lion is possible

For unusual applications, it is also possible for White Lion to individualize the pellets for your dry ice devices. You can give us the exact size and volume. With the help of so-called scrambler nozzles, it is possible to use different abrasive sizes for dry ice cleaning. Like this we can always solve your task to your complete satisfaction.

White Lion – 20 years of experience in dry ice blasting

White Lion knows all about dry ice treatments. With over 20 years of experience we are one of the most competent pioneers of this technology. “Dry ice blasting” was a service at the beginning of our company history. Daily experience with the devices available at that time encouraged us to think about developing our own machines. The impressive can be seen today. Our machines can easily comply with high requirements. Dry ice treatments for the best, gentlest and most sustainable results is still our mission. Call us, we would be very pleased to convince you with our expertise and experience. Competent, motivated and engaged employees are waiting for you to find the right solution for your challenge.

Example of the utilisability of dry ice blasting

The inside of a car door is a good example of how efficient dry ice blasting is. Here you will find bare, painted sheet metal, plastics, fabric-covered surfaces, electrical switches, deep grooves and openings. For a careful, thorough and sustainable cleaning, you would technically have to dismantle the entire door and clean each component using a different process. Plastic surfaces can be wiped wet and textile covers of the door paperboard can be steam-cleaned well. But by the time you reach the switches of the electric window lifter you have to be very careful: Working with hot steam here can quickly damage or even destroy the electronics underneath.

These worries are gone with dry ice treatments. The door remains mounted for cleaning as it is. Blasting all surfaces and materials with dry ice ensures equally good results across the entire assembly. Loose crumbs in grooves are blown out, stains in textiles removed, switches cleaned deeply and even leather will be refreshed again. The whole process is done in a few minutes. It is not only more thorough and gentler than the time-consuming dismantling and cleaning of the components with conventional methods, but also much faster. The treatment of an entire vehicle interior is done in a very short time with this method. A pleasant secondary effect is that engrained odors are also removed by blasting with dry ice pellets.

FAQ – Typical questions:

Why should you buy dry ice blasting equipment from White Lion?

White Lion offers first-class Made-In-Germany quality for universal applications. The dry ice blasting systems by White Lion are suitable for home use and industrial use. Thanks to the high-strength cases made of rust-free metal, the White Lion machines are also suitable in environments with aggressive media.

What do you need for a dry ice blasting system?

Dry ice blasting equipment consists of a pelletizer, the actual dry ice blasting machine and a powerful compressor. White Lion is a system supplier for these machines. We are also an authorized Kaeser dealer. When selecting its dealers and representatives, White Lion makes sure that a ready-to-use complete solution can always be offered.

Which occupational health and safety protections must be observed when working with dry ice?

Working with dry ice can be very noisy. Therefore, either a “whisper compressor” should be used, or hearing protection should be worn. A comprehensive work protection outfit consisting of gloves, long-sleeved work clothes and safety glasses is also recommended. Apart from that, dry ice blasting is completely harmless to the user. Only in deeply situated working environments, for example well shafts or cellars, additional measures have to be taken for extended safety. Sustained ventilation is required here. Please get in touch with us at this point.