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Dry ice cleaner

Dry ice cleaner for quick and enduring cleanness

The dry ice cleaner is the answer to persistent types of dirt and coatings that can only be cleaned efficiently with an abrasive cleaning process. Dried paint, firmly sticked dust, rust or hardened machine grease – objects contaminated with these types of dirt used to be difficult to clean. After treatment the products to be cleaned were often irreparably. A dry ice cleaner is soft on the product and hard on dirt.

The active principle of the dry ice cleaner: blasting, shock freezing, embrittling, blasting off.

Normal blasting cleaners shoot a blasting material onto a surface. The adhering dirt will be removed mechanically this way. Whether it’s a high-pressure cleaner that shoots only with water or a sandblaster that shoots a hard air-granulate mixture, the principle is always the same. However, the dry ice cleaner acts fourfold against dirt:

The blasting material from the dry ice cleaner is frozen CO2. The pellets are -80 ° C cold and will be shot at a pressure between 1 and 16 bar (depending on the dry ice cleaning machine) on the surface to be cleaned. The three millimeter long pellets made of frozen carbon dioxide look like normal blasting material at first. What is particularly loose on the surface which has to be cleand is now being blown away.

At the moment the dry ice hits the surface, a heat exchange occurs. The pellet warms up – and the adherence is getting brittle. The fulgurous shock freezing of the dirt causes a contraction. Thereby further dirt particles lose their grip on the surface. What still sticks now becomes very brittle and loses its elasticity. This is where the explosive effect of the heated pellet comes into effect. When heated, the CO2 suddenly changes to the gaseous state and increases its volume by a factor of 700. The explosion pressure tears off the last, frozen and embrittled dirt particles from the surface. The basic material itself remains undamaged at the same time.

Dry ice blasting procedure 3

Dry ice cleaner – one application for all types of dirt

The dry ice cleaner can be used for practically all types of dirt. Its use may not always make sense, but a dry ice cleaner always guarantees a clean result with no secondary effects. The main area of application of thee dry ice cleaner is industrial cleaning. However, dry ice cleaning is also taking place in car treatment. No other machine can completely clean the car body, engine compartment, underbody and even the interior including upholstery. The dry ice cleaner is particularly powerful in automotive technology when removing old underbody coating. The dry ice cleaner can work wonders around the house as well: removing graffiti, deeply cleansing of old roof beams, cleaning parquet and wooden ceilings, refreshing facades so that they look like new – with the dry ice cleaner results are possible where only meant demolition and new construction have been possible.

White Lion Reinigungsteam WORKS

Dry ice cleaner: 20 years of experience in application and manufacturing

White Lion knows all about dry ice cleaning. For years we have developed into one of the most innovative manufacturers of dry ice cleaners. A wide range of products for every area of application is not only available to our customers today. We also use our product ourselves and act as a service provider for everything around industrial cleaning.

Equipment for dry ice cleaner

A dry ice blasting system is not a stand-alone device. In order to operate this innovative, enduring and ecological cleaning process, a supply of the dry ice and compressed air is required. The stronger the compressed air jet, the more efficiently the dry ice cleaning will be done.

The supply is guaranteed either by a separate device or by a supply of frozen CO2 pellets. The stock solution is interesting for smaller tasks. If it is not clear how extensive a cleaning task will be, we always recommend a separate pelletizing machine for CO2.

A minimum of 10 bar is required as compressed air in order to achieve quick and sustainable cleaning results. High-performance compressors are therefore particularly efficient for this purpose. Since these have a high energy consumption, a device with an integrated diesel engine is especially recommended. This relieves the power supply system on site. It also provides the power for the whole other periphery for the dry ice cleaner. The entire dry ice cleaning system, consisting of a compressor with power generator, pelletizer and dry ice cleaner, should be always viewed as a unit in which each component is equally important. The cleaning machine will continuously be filled with CO2 pellets. This can be done manually by using a small scoop. White Lion also offers conveyor systems that continuously supply the dry ice cleaner with fresh blasting material. For larger tasks or when working in a very close environment, this is very helpful and makes work much easier.

Typical questions:

How safe is dry ice blasting?

There is only a risk of CO2-toxication when working in deep, non-ventilated rooms. Carbon dioxide is heavier than air. In a well shaft or in a deep basement the CO2 will accumulate on the floor and slowly rises. An exhauster and an air ventilation an provide the necessary safety here. White Lion will be pleased to advise you on how to carry out your cleaning tasks with maximum security.

What accessories are included by default?

A White Lion dry ice cleaner is supplied with a 5m, 7.5m or 10m hose, power cable and nozzle set. Additional accessories are optional. The dealers and representatives of White Lion generally have ready-to-use systems in their delivery program. A ready-to-use system also includes a powerful compressor. This is also usually available from the White Lion dealer.

What is the price for a dry ice cleaning system?

The White Lion dry ice blasting systems offer robust Made-in Germany quality. They are expressly approved for commercial-industrial use. They are therefore considered capital goods and not consumer products. You can find out specific prices for dry ice cleaning machines, compressors and pelletizers from the certified White Lion dealer in your area or directly from us.