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Cleaning with the dry ice blasting process in nursing and clinics

It is self-evident that hygiene and cleanliness play a major role in health care in clinics, care centers and nursing homes.
The thorough cleaning of nursing aids, such as wheelchairs and bed frames that get back used, is not least due to the complex design – many grooves and niches, in which contamination of the patients often form a nutrient medium for bacteria and viruses – a special challenge.

Manual cleaning is extremely time-consuming and often results in deficient results.
Cleaning with a dry ice blasting system from White Lion is effective and speeds up the cleaning result enormously – without compromising on quality.

Today, a dry ice blasting system WL 3000 Profi or “The Cube” should be part of the fixed inventory of a clinic or a care center.
Textile surfaces can also be cleaned very well using the dry ice blasting method- it saves time and is extremely economical due to the faster availability (no drying time) of all kinds of care aids.

Common asked questions

How fast is dry ice cleaning?

A manual cleaning with rags and brushes can take around 1 hour, the time for cleaning with dry ice is reduced to a few minutes. In addition, there is the time saving of the drying time compared to cleaning using water. A wheelchair has no more drying time and the result can be rated immediately.

Which accessories are useful when cleaning care aids?

A White Lion dry ice blasting unit is supplied with a blasting and compressed air hose, a power cord and a power nozzle.
Additional accessories are optional. We recommend a round nozzle XL and M and a dry ice scrambler, which creates so-called microparticles and ensures a very even and gentle cleaning with dry ice projection.

How much is the investment in dry ice blasting equipment?

White Lion dry ice blasting units offer high Made-in-Germany quality. The systems are specifically designed for commercial and industrial use.
They are therefore considered as capital goods and not consumer products. The prices reflect this standard. You can get more information about specific prices for our dry ice blasting devices, compressors and pelletizers at our headquarter by calling us +49 6151 – 60 66 820 or by email at info@white-lion.eu.