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Cleaning hoods in canteen kitchens

Hygiene and fire risk

Industrial hoods are a permanent problem for canteens and restaurants. They inevitably collect fat deposits. This is a problem for hygienic reasons. More importantly, these fat deposits represent a fire hazard that are often overlooked due to the lack of visibility.

For this reason, preventive maintenance must be carried out regularly. But how do you clean those hoods that you can’t reach inside with ordinary dry ice blasting equipment?

Artikel Großküchen Danduct Clean Ice Robot im Einsatz

Clean well with Danduct Clean Ice Robot

In cooperation with Danduct, White Lion offers an innovative solution. Danduct Clean Ice Robot is a small, remote-controlled robot vehicle that can easily cross and clean the hood shaft. A rotating round nozzle blows the inside surface of the hood with dry ice at an angle of 360°. Even stubborn stains easily peel off. A camera makes it possible to check the cleaning success.

Danduct Clean Ice Robot is the perfect addition to a White Lion dry ice blasting machine. The power of dry ice can be transported through the deepest pipes and reach every corner. An important competitive advantage in the cleaning industry.