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Tank and silo cleaning

To keep tanks and silos clean – especially from the inside – is not only associated with enormous efforts but often also with environmentally harmful sewage water which must be separately collected and reprocessed.

With dry ice blasting machines from White Lion these problems no longer exist. Our machine WL 3000 Profi shoots dry ice pellets with sound velocity onto the tank wall and blasts off all residues without damaging the surface of the tank. The dry ice changes immediately into the gaseous state. The only residue that needs to be removed is the eliminated dirt.

With the White Lion hose technology it is also possible to realize specifically long jet hoses. All areas of the surface can be cleaned easily in particularly deep tanks.

For safe tank cleaning, some precautions must be taken to ensure the safety and health of the cleaning staff. White Lion will be pleased to take this additional work. Our White Lion WORKS team has years of experience with industrial cleaning and is well equipped to carry out safe and efficient cleaning under difficult conditions.